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JDV conveyors offer proven and reliable solutions for moving plant solids efficiently, economically and meet Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA) industry standards.

Shaftless designs are offered as standard in stainless steel troughs, with shaftless spirals of special alloy steel, providing longevity and durability in all applications.

JDV also offers shafted designs & live bottom hopper mixing and transport, meeting all current industry standards and providing design flexibility.

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Belt Conveyors

JDV Equipment belt conveyors offer solutions for applications from municipal sludge and screened material to industrial materials. All designs meet or exceed CEMA industry standards.

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RAM Compactor

The JDV RAM Compactor provides reliable dewatering and cleansing of water and wastewater treatment screenings. The standard 304 Stainless Steel compact construction prevents corrosion in a heavy duty design while taking up minimal square footage. The JDV RAM Compactor provides aggressive cleaning of material prior to the compaction zone. Material discharged through the integral discharge pipe has been compacted to remove 30% of all organic or fecal matter and is designed to reduce overall weight of bar screenings. The JDV RAM Compactor is an effective headwork’s product helping treatment plant managers and operators meet or exceed landfill requirements and/or paint filter testing, while reducing overall operating costs.

Spiral Press

The JDV Spiral Press combines dewatering, compacting and conveying operations in a single, compact product for wastewater screenings and miscellaneous debris and material processed in paper mills, food processing plants and rendering facilities.

A drainage zone at the feed end drains free water as solids are conveyed through the system. The compaction zone forms the material into a plug that is squeezed against an adjustable pressure spring-loaded door, which further dewaters and compresses the material against a wedge wire “cage”. The resultant liquids are drained off to return into plant flow. The end product of plugged solids is periodically expelled into a bagging system or container.


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Level LODOR™

The JDV Level LODOR is a unique solution to solids handling and odor control. (Also available for headworks applications)

The Level LODOR covers standard 20, 30, & 40 yard containers containing odors while self leveling materials. This simple solution offers lower total cost of ownership, provides operators advantages of better time management and reduced contact with process materials.

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Rotary Drum Thickeners

JDV incorporated the Ralph B. Carter Company design into its growing portfolio in 1995. The drum thickener is a stainless steel design, offering a polyester filter media and direct drive system.

A wide range of solids can be processed with ability of producing 5-7% TS for most applications. Rotary drum thickeners are sized to handle throughput as small as 35gpm up to 400gpm.

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JDV offers several options for headworks screening: Step screens, In channel Screw Screens and Rotary Drum Screens (internal & external fed). Pre-MBR with openings ranging from 0.5mm up to 6 mm are also available.

All stainless steel construction with designs for direct and chain driven equipment. Dewatering shaftless and shafted compactor equipment can be provided.

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Grit Classifier

The JDV grit classifiers are provided in stainless steel with shaftless or shafted screw designs. Flow ranges: up to 800 gpm.

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Submerged Grit Conveyor

JDV offers submerged grit conveyors in both shafted, shaftless designs and include variety of drive options including direct, chain or hydraulic driven systems.

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