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JDV Customers for over 52 years have come to rely on JDV for experience and commitment to our customers throughout the life cycle of a project. One of JDVs core principals is providing exceptional customer support whether its providing a simple spare part order, answering questions pertaining to products or help determining the cause of a complex problem and implementing a solution.

Installation Services:

Startup Services – As part of your purchase of JDV equipment, we insure your installation complies with all manufacturer specifications and requirements. The Start Up Service is provided once the installation is complete and the system is ready to be put into service. The JDV trained and certified field service technicians operate the system in all modes of operation and perform a basic end user training. The end user training consists of an overview of the system, operational procedures including but not limited to safety, start up, modes of operation and shut down procedures. Lastly, end users are apprised of basic maintenance requirements and how to obtain service and contact customer support. This is typically a one or two day service that is dependent upon the installation.

Training Services – JDV Training Services are an option for your new employees to introduce them to JDV equipment and or as refresher courses for existing employees. The base training programs are designed around the training that is given during initial start up services and may be customized to fit specific customer needs. The training services are also helpful for those employees who were not able to be present during the Start Up Services Basic Training module.

Turnkey Installation Services – JDV can provide complete turnkey equipment installations upon request.

Maintenance Services:

Routine Maintenance is vital to not only optimizing the operating efficiencies of your system, but maintaining a low total cost of ownership. JDV’s Maintenance Services seek to complement existing in-house/sub contracted services when a specific area of expertise is needed, but is not readily available within the customer’s existing maintenance program. A brief summary of some of the services we provide is below, but can be customized to suit specific needs of our customers.

  • Inspection/Preventative Maintenance Services
  • Time & Material
  • Cleaning Services

Spare Parts:

JDV’s Service Team is committed to ensuring your equipment and facility is operating efficiently, whether the part is for an emergency or part of your routine maintenance program. We are also able to provide parts for non-JDV equipment, such as conveyor UHMW liners and replacement spirals/screws.

Please contact JDV through the contact page of the website or by calling 973-366-6556 for more information.

JDV’s seasoned professional team can assist you in all phases of a project.

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