We are a leading manufacturer and provider of safe, environmentally friendly processing equipment

JDV’s portfolio of products covers a wide range of applications. Solids handling equipment includes all types and styles of conveying, solids thickening, screening and grit handling equipment. Tank covers, mixing systems and gas storage solutions are available to handle varied digestion applications.

JDV has process equipment installations in all 50 United States, Canada, South America, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle-East and Asia-Pacific. With a focus on providing exceptional Service, JDV’s seasoned professional team can assist you in all phases of a project, whether your project is complex or a simple spare part order.

JDV started out by providing solids handling equipment. In 1995, JDV acquired the Ralph B. Carter Corporation, which began manufacturing and installing process equipment in the 1940’s. JDV incorporated Carter’s Anaerobic and Water Treatment product lines into the JDV portfolio. Since then JDV has continued to expand its portfolio of offerings to help meet current and future processing needs.

Solids Handling

Shaftless Conveyors
Shafted Conveyors
Belt Conveyors
RAM Compactor
Spiral Press
Level LODOR™
Rotary Drum Thickeners
Grit Classifiers
Submerged Grit Screws
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Digestion Equipment

Nozzle Mixing
Sludge Heating
Digester Covers
Duel Membrane Gas Storage
Duel Membrane Gas Holder Covers
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Water Treatment

Walking Beam Flocculators
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JDV’s seasoned professional team can assist you in all phases of a project.

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