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JDV Turbomixer™ is a staple mixing design, proven to be an efficient and long lasting design to: keep digesters well mixed (bottom to top), provide reduced VSS and high gas production. These large anaerobic bubble mixers are fabricated from stainless steel. Available design options include: Heating from within digester and high quality compressor options for gas delivery. Download Brochure

Nozzle Mixing

The JDV Nozzle Mix has been a selected design choice for anaerobic digestion, sludge storage mixing and equalization basins. JDV offers our nozzle head in stainless or ductile iron with abrasive liner protection. CFD modeling can be provided for verifying mixing dynamics. Foam suppression nozzles also offered. Other applications Include: Blending tanks; Excess flow tanks; Septage or leachate; Anoxic Zones; CSO handling; Aerobic digestion; Assist secondary treatment; Biosolids holding ponds Download Brochure

Sludge Heating

JDV sludge heat exchanger and combination boiler systems offer superior heating and operation for digesters. The sludge heat exchangers are a tube in tube design offering direct heating of sludge, eliminating short circuiting of heat, and can be coupled with cast iron boiler systems that offer higher efficiency and lower maintenance than other traditional boiler systems. Download Brochure  

Digester Covers

The JDV dual deck truss digester covers offer durability and great a heat coefficient due to attic space for insulation. Designs can be provided for fixed, floating and gas storage. Radial Beam designs available upon request.

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Dual Membrane Gas Storage

JDV dual membrane gas storage is offered in a rigid reinforced membrane material to store gas on a stand alone concrete pad. Stored gas is used for not only heating equipment, but can be reused for clean gas and or plant cogeneration equipment/generators.

The membrane material has resistance to typical digester gas composites such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S)

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Dual Membrane Gas Holder Covers

The JDV dual membrane cover for digester gas is an economical way to store gas, but also holds more gas than traditional steel gas covers without adding footprint to plant layout. JDV offers design flexibility while providing advancements for inner membrane support technology.

Pressures range from 4” w.c. to 16″+ w.c.
Gas bag designs available upon request.

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