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Water is essential to life, industry and agriculture. The US EPA states that there are roughly 155,000 public water systems in the United States responsible for supplying safe, dependable and quality water for public consumption and use to roughly 90% of Americans. 

According to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), in 2002 more than half the world population received domestic water from a pipe connection. 

JDV is committed to designing and manufacturing products and services to improve the water treatment process and assist in increasing the availability of safe water for all. 


Walking Beam Flocculator

With over 50 years experience with successful installations, JDV-Carter Walking Beam Flocculators are a proven design to help protect public health and provide safe drinking water. Removal of small particles such as clay, organic material, metals and microorganisms from drinking water is essential to the final end product. Filtration alone cannot remove all small particles and can leave the water with a cloudy appearance and unsafe for consumption and use. With a reciprocating paddle design, the Walking Beam Flocculators improve the sedimentation or filterability of the small particles in the drinking water treatment process, typically for larger water systems serving greater than ten (10) thousand people.  The small particles attach themselves to an added coagulant (typically a polymer) as the paddles of the walking beam slowly move the particles in the water to be treated. The resultant product is a clump of material that is now able to settle in the water and is removed after settling to the bottom of a sedimentation basin.

JDV's walking Beam Flocculators are simple but advanced units with no submerged moving parts or maintenance. The equipment is adaptable to floc basins of any size or configuration and its performance is unaffected by the shape or depth of the flocculation basin.









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  Features Benefits
Adaptable to any size or shape basins Design flexibility
No submerged moving parts Reduced Maintenance Costs, lower Total Cost of Ownership
Stainless Steel, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) or Redwood Paddles Design flexibility
Uniform Flocculation with no 'dead spots' Increased Operational Efficiency of the facility
Reciprocating Paddle Design Prevents Laminar Flow and Short Circuitry Improved Operational Efficiencies, lower Total Cost of Ownership