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The JDV Shaftless Screw Conveyor is a proven design to reliably transport solids with a lower total cost of ownership when compared to other transport methods. The Shaftless screw conveyor flight design allows for a greater fill rate versus other methods/equipment, increasing operational efficiencies and lower initial capital investment. Long life wear liners allow for increase maintenance intervals, lowering overall maintenance costs and equipment downtime. The enclosed design provides for a safe working environment for personnel while in operation. JDV Shaftless conveyors safely transport sludge, grit and screenings in thousands of Municipal and Industrial treatment plant installations.









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  Features Benefits
Shaftless screw- no shaft or hanger or tail bearings to resist material transport Increased fill rate, lower initial Capital Investment
Replaceable Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Wear Liners Protection of Shaftless screw results in reduced maintenance costs, lower Total Cost of Ownership
Hardox 400 Brinnell Wear bar Liners for Grit Applications Protection of Shaftless screw results in reduced maintenance costs, lower Total Cost of Ownership
Horizontal, vertical or inclined orientation Design flexibility
Direct Drive with pushing or pulling options Design flexibility
Completely Enclosed Standard 304 Stainless Steel U-Trough Corrosion resistant, Reduced odors, no material drop off losses and increased personnel safety during operation
Two-tone colored Wear Liners easily indicating end of liner life Ease of indentifying Scheduled Maintenance intervals
100+ foot lengths with single drive Design flexibility, Lower Initial Capital Investment
Drainage Deck for water/moisture runoff Lower overall weight/water composition of conveyed material at discharge point(s)

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