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Removing water from solids is a primary concern for plant operators, whether it is digested sludge or raw sludge. Less water means lower overall solids disposal costs. For operators feeding digesters, removing free water from raw sludge equals increased digester efficiency and volume.  

The JDV Drum thickener is also excellent liquids separation for industry. Pulp and paper, textiles, rendering facilities, food & beverage processing, tanneries, poultry plants and other industrial wastes can be thickened using the JDV Drum Thickener.

Polymer is injected into the feed line and mixes with the thin sludge in the Floc Basin or Tank. The conditioned sludge material is then passed into the JDV drum Thickener, which separates the flocculated solids from the water. Thickened sludge rolls out the end of the drum, while the separated water decants through the self-cleaning screen.

The JDV Drum Thickener has a smaller foot print, lower upfront capital costs and lower overall operating costs when compared to other methods of thickening material.









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  Features Benefits
Capacities up to 600 Gallons Per Minute (GPM) Design Flexibility
Compact Design minimizes need for  valuable building square footage Increased Return on Invested Capital and/or Lower Initial Capital Costs.
Lower power requirements versus other methods Reduced Operating Costs, lower Total Cost of Ownership.
Completely Enclosed design Reduced odors, no material drop off losses and increased personnel safety during operation
Self Cleaning Rotary Screen, reducing Polymer consumption Reduced Maintenance Costs, lower Total Cost of Ownership

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