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Small inorganic material such as sand, silt, gravel, ashes and coffee grounds are removed during the plant operations to avoid unnecessary downtime and costly maintenance/repairs associated with premature mechanical equipment failure such as pumps. These materials if not removed  may also interfere with the dewatering process, which is essential to keeping overall plant operations costs down by removing overall solids weight for disposal and lowering water content for improved digestion process.  The JDV Grit Classifier traps the sediment material and delivers them dewatered to the solids discharge. The optional hydro cyclone increases the classifiers overall capacity by reducing the amount of water flowing to the classifier and diverting the excess water to plant flows, but passes the grit through to the classifier and ultimately for proper disposal.










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  Features Benefits
Low Turbulence baffle design  Optimal flow pattern for maximum sedimentation
Low speed Shaftless conveyor Proven design to provide essentially water-free end product
No submerged bearings Reduced Maintenance Costs, lower Total Cost of Ownership

Capacities up to 800 gallons per minute (GPM)

Optional Hydro Cyclone

Design flexibility
Optional washing mode Increased disposal methods and recycled material options
Adjustable Overflow Weir Increased Operational Efficiency

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