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Baleen Filter Today, screening of wastewater or process water is usually accomplished via coarse and or fine screening with removal of suspended solids down to 1mm.  As the wastewater treatment process has advanced, screening has not only become a more critical aspect of the treatment process, it has also driven the necessity to achieve even tighter screening.  An example of this is the emerging need to remove hair, grit, and other debris ahead of membrane filtration where these particulates present heightened maintenance requirements.  To achieve removal of these fine particulates, sub-500 micron screening is required.  Until now, achieving sub-500 micron screening has not been practical as “ultra-fine” screens have typically blinded over due to fats, oils, and grease present in water.  To properly function, screening to these levels would require hot-water cleaning systems which end up making the solution expensive to operate and maintain.

 The Baleen FilterBaleen Filtration exists between 5 microns and 500 microns (0.5mm).  This technology requires no hot water and is easily cleaned by a patented cleaning mechanism inspired by the Baleen Whale.  Because this technology can effectively and practically operate in this filtration range, significant improvements in the wastewater treatment process and select solids separation of process water can be achieved.  With over 150 installations operating worldwide, the Baleen Filter is THE proven technology to effectively filter to these levels in highly adverse conditions.

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