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7/25/09 - JDV Launches JDV Level Lodor™ to Help Dispose of Processed Waste Material with Reduced Odor Capabilities and Increased Efficiency in Operations

DOVER, N.J. – July 25, 2009 – JDV Equipment Corporation, a leading global provider of solids handling equipment and services for the Municipal & Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment facilities, today announced its new JDV LEVEL LODOR™ which provides Water Quality professionals with a better means to dispose of processed waste and material with increased odor control, increased loading efficiency and reduced risk of operator personnel being unnecessarily exposed to processed material. Both Municipalities operating treatment plants and Industrial facilities performing their own wastewater treatment process will benefit with the installation of a JDV LEVEL LODOR.

The JDV LEVEL LODOR helps contain the odors that otherwise could saturate the surrounding environment by covering standard dumpsters used for hauling the processed material. With the patented design that allows for even distribution of material, the fill percent of the dumpster increases without the need for personnel to manually even out the waste material and expose themselves to potentially hazardous material. Odor build up within the dumpster may also be relieved by utilizing the vent pipe attachment option, which can be connected to an air/odor filtration or exchange system.

Enclosing the dumpsters with the JDV LEVEL LODOR enhances pest control measures even when installed outdoors. The ability to install the system outdoors frees critical or limited indoor square footage for other needs, protects the processed materials from wind/rain and may allow for a decrease in capital expenses for design, engineering and installation for new construction/upgrade projects. Existing dumpsters that are plagued with overflows/over shooting of material and leave an unsightly mess for personnel to clean up, will also benefit operations by removing this non-value added work.

According to a Frost & Sullivan report, disposal of sludge consumes more than 30% of a wastewater treatment plants budget. Increased pressures of social awareness of and new regulations addressing odor control issues combined with high operating expenses makes sludge handling equipment vitally important to Municipal and Industrial plant operators.  The JDV LEVEL LODOR patented design helps facilities address new regulations, become a better community neighbor, reduce health risks for operator personnel, reduce hauling costs and may reduce overall capital costs associated with new or upgrade projects.

“Ensuring operator safety, being a good community partner and neighbor while increasing efficiencies of operations are all concerns and challenges for today's Municipal & Industrial treatment plant managers and operators,” said Bob Abbott, JDV’s President. “The JDV LEVEL LODOR patented design helps these professionals with these challenges with a new approach to an old problem”.

The JDV LEVEL LODOR is currently available and is offered with a retractable or fixed cover for the standard 20, 30 and 40 yard dumpsters. Please call your local JDV sales representative or JDV at 973-366-6556 to order. For more information about JDV’s products and services, please visit www.JDVEquipment.com or call 973-366-6556.

About JDV Equipment Corporation

JDV Equipment Corporation is a leading manufacturer and provider of safe, environmentally friendly processing equipment and services for water treatment, wastewater treatment and industrial applications. JDV has over 50 years experience and over ten thousand successful process equipment installations. In 1995, JDV acquired the Ralph B. Carter Corporation, which began manufacturing and installing process equipment in the 1940's. All trademarks are the property of their owners. Additional information about JDV and its products and services is available at www.JDVEquipment.com or by calling 973-366-6556.