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Double NozzleThe JDV Nozzle Mix System, utilizing Global Bio-Fuels Technology, is a dual zone mixing technology that provides uniform mixing patterns that produce even distribution and a stable environment.


Facilities employing the JDV Nozzle Mix System will optimize solids suspension and contact to promote efficiency in a wide range of applications. The system is designed with pumps installed outside the tanks to facilitate maintenance.


The pumps are typically “chopper” pumps or pumps incorporating in-line grinders that prevent fibrous materials from accumulating and causing plugging problems. The application dictates which type(s) of the many varied pump options that can be used. The high-velocity nozzles are mounted inside the tank and are oriented to discharge in a flow pattern that completely mixes the tank contents.


Applications Include: Anaerobic digestion; Biosolids storage; Blending tanks; Excess flow tanks; Septage or leachate; Anoxic Zones; CSO handling; Aerobic digestion; Assist secondary treatment; Biosolids holding ponds


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  Features Benefits

Stainless or Carbon Steel Construction

Design flexibility
No Submerged Moving Partsand One (1) Drive (Pump) for Multiple Mixers Reduced Maintenance Costs, Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Less than 1° Temperature Differential and 90%+ Active Volume

Increased Operational Efficiency & Stability